Institute of Geotechnical Engineering

Welcome to the website of the Institute of Geotechnical Engineering. We conduct research in the fundamental field and on current, application-orientated issues in order to help shape the world of tomorrow!

Latest news

July 11, 2024

Prof Hauke Zachert elected to the Board of Trustees of the Stiftung Bauwesen

The Institute

The Institute of Geotechnics is fundamentally focused on both basic research as well as application-orientated research into engineering tasks. The fields of research range from soil-structure interaction in offshore wind turbines or large pile groups to the further development of numerical methods and applications of AI through to questions of the influence of climate change on geotechnical structures. We have high-performance research laboratories for soil mechanics tests as well as medium and large-scale geotechnical modelling tests and use the latest numerical methods, some of which we have developed ourselves, to solve geotechnical problems.

Our objective

Our objective is to combine advanced numerical solutions with precise and sophisticated laboratory and modelling tests.

Prof. Dr. Hauke Zachert

In order to reduce the gap between geotechnical research and its practical implementation, we utilise and further develop the entire range of analytical, numerical and experimental methods. In this way, we contribute to making geotechnical processes and structures safer, more economical and more sustainable.

Picture: Zachert